The 13-Moon Short Guide – Companion of the 13-Moon Diary

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The 13-Moon Short Guide is a compact booklet. Learn all about the Tzolkin day energies and the 13 Moon Calendar with this colourful booklet. What is a GAP and Core day, how can you use it and how do you plan your activities based on the Tzolkin energies? Which day is a good day according to your birth energy and which day you better stay inside? All ins and outs are clear and concise explained. Start to calculate your horoscope and you will embrace this calendar forever.

13-Moon Short Guide
• 102 pages
• Full colour
• page size 11 x 19 cm
• Who is who table
• Address section
• Timeless use
• ISBN 9789078070306

Prijs: € 7,00
Code: 13MSG

Pagina`s 102
ISBN 9789078070306
Code 13MSG