A Pilgrim’s Guide to Stonehenge – The Summer Solstice Celebrations, Winter Solstice and Equinox Dawn Gatherings – Jim Rayner

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This book has been developed as a guide for anyone wanting to visit Stonehenge during the four annual times of Managed Open Access, the summer solstice celebrations, winter solstice and equinox dawn gatherings. Its aim is to provide information for anyone wanting to know more about what goes on and how the quality of the experience can be enhanced through ritual and understanding. As a result, this book focuses on ideas, suggestions and information about what to expect. This pilgrim’s guide has been clearly designed to help the modern visitor to become more of a proactive participant. Apart from wandering freely amongst the stones, much of the information can also be applied to the normal visiting times throughout the rest of the year. Also included is an overview of the historical context, a proposal to reveal the Altar Stone and an examination of how the summer solstice could potentially be developed in the future. Contains over seventy photographs and illustrations.

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