Atlantis in the Caribbean

Atlantis in the Caribbean – And the Comet That Changed the World – Andrew E. Collins

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An in-depth investigation of the mounting evidence that Atlantis was located in the Bahamas and Caribbean, near Cuba in particular.
Collins produces a tantalizing pattern of oral and written evidence that Atlantis not only existed but probably was destroyed by a comet some 13,000 years ago. Boston Herald Collins proves an engaging conductor of an exegetical tour of Plato’s writings about a civilization in the Western Ocean that vanished when a natural catastrophe befell its homeland. His book [will] enamor imaginations sparked by the legend of lost Atlantis. Booklist Probably the most substantial and well researched book on Atlantis since Ignatius Donnelly. Colin Wilson, Daily Mail A bold and imaginative attempt to understand the destruction of the legendary city of Atlantis, the creation of Mesoamerican civilization, and the end of the last Ice Age. Kirkus Reviews Collins has compiled the most thoughtful, comprehensive, and rational book ever written on the controversial topic of Atlantis. Skeptics deny that Plato’s Atlantis existed, but in this book compelling evidence is presented showing that an unrecognized and sophisticated maritime culture existed in the Atlantic during the last Ice Age. Gregory Little, Ed.D., psychologist, explorer, and author of The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Native

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