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To find out what is happening in the world most people rely on TV, newspapers, books and magazines to keep themselves informed and up to date.

But do you sometimes think, “I seem to be missing something” or “Is more going on than l am being told about?” or maybe, “Where can l find out more about the subjects that really interest me?”

NEXUS Magazine helps you fill in the gaps by regularly covering the following subjects:
• Suppressed Science
• Prophecies and the Future
• Big Brother
• Conspiracies
• Health
• Cover-ups
• Behind the News
• UFOs and the Unexplained
• Midden History

Published 6 times a year, each 88-page issue of NEXUS Magazine contains up to 8 major articles; some original contributions, but more often excerpts from books, transcripts of interviews or extracts from little known newsletters and magazines published around the world and not easily found in Europe.

There are also reviews of books, tapes and videos, a Letters page, New Science news, Global news and for the seriously “off the wal l” items, a Twilight Zone for reports which defy categorization.

NEXUS exists to make available to you the work and research findings of individuals who are pushing at the frontiers of knowledge. There are always contact addresses for you to follow up on items of particular interest.
NEXUS Magazine is your connection to information not generally covered by the main-stream media and will assist you make sense of the fast moving changes going on around us.
Welcome to NEXUS – you may never look on the world in quite the same way again.

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Single issue: € 6,50 + € 6,00 for shipping
Subscription 1 year (6 issues): € 44,00 incl. shipping
Subscription 2 years (12 issues): € 80,00 incl. shipping
Back issues before vol. 24, no. 1, December 2016-January 2017: € 5,95 + € 6,00 for shipping (some available only as photocopies)
Back issues after vol. 24, no. 1, December 2016-January 2017: € 6,50 + € 6,00 for shipping